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24th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop


Transforming the Organisation from a Begging to a Resource Generating Paradigm

Welcome, Karibu to the 24th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop. This year’s theme focuses on “Beyond Aid.” The workshop is happening at tumultuous times for the development sector. The changing political landscape that has seen the “Brexit” for the British, a key development donor as well as the emergence of Trump as the President of the USA, another key donor has sparked off an era of uncertainty in the resource mobilisation landscape. This is not helped by political trends and changes in key European countries, many of them key donors. The change is taking place during the second year of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that in themselves, laid the foundation of key changes in the way development aid is invested.

New development actors such as companies and their corporations are amongst some of the actors now competing for funds. Government agencies have become more aggressive in seeking a share of the ever – dwindling donor funds. Changing donor priorities and increasing demands on a return to their investment is making it very difficult for CSOs to implement their missions while keeping up with a rapidly changing donor landscape. Donor funding, even when solicited, rarely covers 100% of the costs involved meaning that organisations have to invest significant resources to get things done. The wave of rebasements of African economies that has seen some such as Kenya and Ghana become lower middle income countries has led to some donors stating that they will move their aid to more deserving cases while they adopt an investor role in these countries. This is further closing the taps on development aid.

However, even without all the challenges involved, most CSOs realise the development aid landscape will never be the same again. The good old days dominated by manna from donor heaven are coming to an end and CSOs will need to find strategies to survive beyond aid. Those who fail to make the transition face certain death in this drought stricken aid landscape. This workshop explores new territory – Beyond Aid. It focuses on development without aid, showing new possibilities that we have not imagined. It will reveal the riches that wait to be claimed by those who are brave enough to explore and conquer the emerging new world.

Despite all the gloom, a new word beckons. From the deserts of aid, will emerge a new world of plenty that is full of promise. New technologies driven by passion and intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship will birth a new generation of CSOs that fight for their missions and serve their beneficiaries in ways that would have be considered impossible a few years ago. This workshop is for those “who believe in the future of their dreams”. It is for those who want to wean themselves off aid and become champions of a new global development landscape. It is for those who will become case studies of tomorrow on how development can be achieved without aid. If you are an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, maverick and social innovator – if you are one of those who turn lemons into lemonade and have a never say die spirit, this workshop is for you. Designed for tomorrows CSOs, it will literally turn development on its head. It will open your eyes to unclaimed riches that surround you and help you overcome the development aid addition. It will inspire and leave you fired up for 2018!

The 24th EARMW 2017 workshop will consist of 12 provocative plenaries delivered by carefully selected facilitators and practitioners from the business and development worlds. Delivered over 4 days, the workshops will capitalise on innovative strategies and case studies to deliver value for money. The facilitators will work as a team, bringing years of experience to bear in changing your outlook on fundraising.

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Download 24th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop – Registration Form