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Welcome, Karibu!

Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals welcomes you to the 25th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop. Scheduled for Tuesday 4th – Friday 7th December, 2018 at the scenic Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort, Convention Centre and Spa! Shanzu, Mombasa Kenya.

This year’s workshop focuses on social enterprises that are taking the development world by storm. As the world’s challenges increase against limited resources, donors and other development actors are seeking new approaches to mobilising funds and solving social issues. The world is seeing the convergence of development and business approaches as it seeks to deal with a myriad of development challenges.

No organization can afford to ignore the social enterprise wave. With dwindling donor funds and reluctance to cover overhead costs on one hand, and the demands for sustainability on the other, social enterprise offers CSOs alternatives solutions to resource mobilisation and program delivery. The current reality is that CSOs need to adopt to a new development environment and paradigm to prepare for mass extinction on the scale of the dinosaurs. After all, most development actors agree that the funding environment has changed and it’s no longer business as usual.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) have given private sector actors a bigger role in the global fight against poverty. The increasing activities of traditional for profit private sector actors in the development space has seen the adoption of new approaches and strategies to dealing with social and development challenges. Slowly but surely, they are crowding out traditional CSOs some of whose development activities are seen to be unsustainable. Donors now provide significant funding to private sector companies to deal with socio-economic challenges. They see their funding as an incentive to corporations to carry out activities that impact positively on poverty, while leveraging on the institutions own resources. Once seen as a potential donor to CSOs, corporations are now becoming a key competitor as far as development funds are concerned. Where does that leave CSOs? Social enterprise is the CSOs response to this challenge. It not only provides a platform to mobilise funds, but also offers sustainable solutions to development challenges.

The 25th EARMW 2018 is all about social enterprise. It is a one stop shop for those who want to hone their skills, expand their expertise and adopt new strategies using this approach. It is a one stop shop designed to answer all you burning questions on social enterprise. 25th EARMW Workshop Fees 

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