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Who should attend?

Who Should Attend?

Coffee Talk meetings are attended by members of the association, non-members and individuals with interests in resource mobilization from across the country that are committed to change and development in their communities.

Absolutely everyone can attend coffee talk including;

  1. Fundraising professionals from the non-profit, for-profit and government sectors
  2. Individuals and organizations interested in resource mobilization
  3. Consultants with an interest in resource mobilization
  4. Chief Executives, Directors and Senior Managers of for-profits and non-profits involved in development
  5. Trustees and Board members
  6. Academics

Coffee Talk Sessions are scheduled for every last Thursday of the month at the Laico Regency Hotel Nairobi, Kenya. Time: 5:00 PM–7:00PM

The Coffee Talk program runs as follows:-

5.00 pm      – Participants, guest speaker arrive
                   – Registration

5.30 pm      – Speaker introduction
                   – Session begins
                   – Question and answer Session
                   – Coffee and networking

7.00 pm      – Session ends
                   – Participants leave at their own pleasure

The Coffee Talk program gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself while your friends and colleagues stress themselves out in traffic! Book your calendar now for these hot coffee dates! 

Why burn time and fuel in traffic when you can…

  1. Upgrade your resource mobilisation skill
  2. Interact with resource mobilisation guru’s
  3. Network with peers
  4. Learn new things
  5. Earn CFRE points
  6. Get a certificate
  7. Make new friends, enjoy coffee in a 5 star hotel, have fun!

Coffee Talk Fee

m Members pay Ksh 1,200 Alternatively, as a member you can pay Ksh 8,000  in advance to attend all sessions.

nm Non–Members pay Ksh 1,500 Alternatively, as a non-members can pay Ksh 10,000 in advance for all sessions.
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