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Coffee Talk meetings were initiated in 2005 by the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals with the aim of equipping fundraisers with the skills that they needed to effectively mobilize resources for their organizations. For the last 10 years, professionals have congregated monthly to upgrade and polish their resource mobilisation skills in a relaxed setting and in the name of the Coffee Talk.

The meetings have continued to grow and evolve with each year capitalising on the experiences and suggestions of participants. Like wine, they keep on getting better with age! The interest and enthusiasm for the coffee dates have led to an even better series of sessions over the years. The course gives you the opportunity to interact and consult with other resource mobilisation professionals, exchange ideas and gain skills while having fun.

As is the tradition, the sessions are designed in a way that allows you to either attend individual sessions that you fancy, or attend all of them as a course, if you really want to maximise on the opportunity. All participants get a certificate to attest to their newly gained fundraising skills and status and earn CFRE points, held in high regard by fundraising professionals worldwide, demonstrates professional achievement.

Introducing Coffee Talk Season 14! It has been an interesting journey, this year we celebrate the 14th season of the coffee talk meetings that have seen many practitioners and organisations share their fundraising experiences and expertise.

Coffee Talks Season 14 celebrates Kenya’s top fundraisers. While some of them are well known others are not. Yet these fundraising guru’s offer us valuable lessons because they work in the field with us facing the same challenges and opportunities. They share the sweat and the tears, failures and successes. They too have had their defeats and triumphs. The difference is that they successfully mobilise large amounts of money every year for various development causes. Their successes leaves many of us scratching our heads on how they manage to achieve so much in this tough and competitive market.

Coffee Talk season 14 will give you the opportunity to meet and listen to Kenya’s fundraising guru’s. It promises to be one of the most inspiring you have ever attended! Invest in yourself while your friends and colleagues stress themselves out in traffic!  The Coffee Talk meetings are scheduled for every last Thursday of the month in Nairobi, Kenya. Time: 5:00 PM–7:00PM.

The Coffee Talk program runs as follows:-

5.00 pm Participants and guest speaker arrive, registrations, coffee and networking
5.30 pm Speaker introduction session begins, question and answer session,
7.00 pm Session ends, coffee and networking, participants leave at their own pleasure

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