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Consultancy Training

Consultancy Training

Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals supports development organisations to strengthen their resource mobilisation capacity through tailored consultancy training and advisory services. We offer tailor-made training and consultancies to suit the specific needs of the organization while strengthening their capacities. The client-centred support focuses on three main areas:

  1.       Conduct training that is tailored to suit individual organisation needs
  2.     Interventions to help organisations solve specific problems or enhance needed capacities
  3.     Developing Resource Mobilisation Strategic Plans

 In order to achieve the objectives of the assignments the following activities need to be carried out;

HOLD AN ORIENTATION MEETING An orientation meeting is held with partners for familiarization purposes. This ensures that everyone is on the same level. The Consultant uses the time to agree on the approach, methodology and key activities

DOCUMENT/LITERATURE REVIEW – KAFP consultant conducts a document/literature review to gather more information on partner’s donors, funds raised, type of funds, activities, plans, mission and vision. The review provides information on the exact training needs.

DEVELOP RESOURCE MOBILIZATION TRAINING MATERIALS – The Consultant develops the resource training materials. This is based on the needs of the organization and the challenges of the fundraising environment. Material is based on power point slides participants are issued with CD-ROM for future reference

TRAINING – A timetable of the training indicating the time, activity and session taking place is developed. This enables participants to plan their day

EVALUATION – An evaluation aimed at establishing if the training objectives have been realized and which areas the participants may need further training or guidance on is carried out. The facilitator is also evaluated on delivery and will report on participant’s performance on tasks assigned to them. These findings are included on the final report which is presented within five working days.