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The Social Program

The Social Program

Reflect, Reload and Relax at a Great Venue!

The Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation workshop is a great opportunity to reflect on your resource mobilisation strategies while relaxing after a challenging year. It will help you reload and recharge and leave Mombasa inspired to take on the New Year.

Starting with the Speed Dating session, you will have great opportunities to renew contacts with old friends and colleagues as well as establish relationships with new ones. There will be opportunities over breakfast, tea/coffee breaks, lunch and dinner to make new friends. You will have the opportunity to share ideas and engage with fellow delegates during various workshop sessions. The program and facilitation will be geared towards giving you a memorable time. You will have the opportunity to relax, unwind after a long and taxing year.

The event allows you to meet, socialise and engage with your fundraising peers, whether over breakfast, tea breaks, lunch and dinner. There is the opportunity to share a walk on the beach, swim or spend time at the gym. The event is not complete without a great beach party on the last night of the workshop. This gives you an opportunity to establish a strong professional network that will support your work and career.

The Whitesands Hotels is one of Mombasa best hotels with great rooms, lovely food and friendly staff. It is graced by lovely gardens, several swimming pools and a gym. It straddles a great beach giving you the opportunity to enjoy a beach walk at both sunrise and sunset. The ocean provides a lovely opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the environment. It is a great venue to close your year and begin the new one fully reloaded.

Located in one of Mombasa finest beaches, the Whitesands gives you the kind of environment where you can relax after a long and exciting day. It is strategically located and within a reasonable distance from the CBD as well as other utilities such as restaurants, supermarkets, retail outlets and discos. It therefore provides great opportunities for meeting with both old and new friends.

The hotel has several great swimming pools, a modern gym amongst other facilities. The hotel’s animation team is always available to involve you in games with fellow delegates or other guests. You can also enjoy walks in the garden. A walk on the beach during sunrise or sunset is an unforgettable and relaxing activity. With sessions designed to start at 9am and end just after 5pm, you have all the time to enjoy your stay with us at the Whitesands hotel.

Its one event and venue you do not want to miss!