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27th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop!

Welcome to the 27th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop! Africa’s premier event for fundraising professionals.

This year’s event will be held from Tuesday 1st December to Friday 4th December 2020 at the Leopard Beach Resort and Spa. The resort is situated on Diani Beach on Mombasa’s south coast, Kenya. The forum will comprise of a series of activities designed to give you the experience of a lifetime! Register Now!

The world as we know it is changing. Old economic powers are seeing their resources and influence weakened with new ones increasingly flexing their muscles. The next decade will see China overtake the USA as the world’s largest economy. Behind China are several other countries such as India, Turkey and Brazil that all want to increase their influence and flex their muscles. Then there are huge multinational corporations with revenues that put many of our countries to shame. Their revenues dwarf our GDP’s. Many of them are giving money through foundations. There are also smaller African corporations that have boarded the “doing good” train and want to make a difference. There are new sources of funding – We just need to change our mental paradigms.

Most Resource Mobilisers appreciate that the fundraising environment has changed. It’s no longer business as usual but rather business unusual! Great fundraisers are able to see though the gloom and identify the proverbial rainbow that leads to the hidden pot of gold. In short, just because funding from traditional sources seems to be declining, does not mean that your organisations funding has to do the same. It’s during the tough times that we grow and develop- after all, to make steel from iron, you have to heat and beat it into shape. While some donor are closing, new ones are opening shop. Development is such a big business that supports millions of people both from the donors and beneficiary words that it cannot just shut down. There will always be money. The fact is that while it will move, change shape and evolve, it will always be there. Your challenge is to find it. Its time to wake up and play this donor hide and seek game.

The 27th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop is designed for those finding it difficult to mobilise funds. Led by seasoned fundraising experts, it will take participants through 10 breath taking workshop sessions. Organisation’s whose fundraising initiatives are not receiving the desired results will benefit immensely from these workshops. After a successful informal debut last year, there will also be coaching opportunities for those in need of further assistance through one on one, face to face sessions. You will be able to secure coaching sessions in advance from the experienced team of facilitators and resource mobilisers.

The forum will encourage greater networking amongst fundraisers on the continent by giving them an opportunity to meet and discuss experiences, challenges and opportunities. There is nothing better than being with people who understand the same fundraising language, who feel the pressure and stress as well as the thrill of chasing donors for that big pot of gold! You get the opportunity to dialogue, engage in heated discussions, whisper fundraising secrets and consult with people in the know. It’s an experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Kenya’s South Coast is blessed with some of the most pristine and stunning beaches. The  27th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop will be held at the fine sandy beaches at the  Leopard Beach Resort and Spa, Ukunda. This beautiful and peaceful environment, graced by pristine beaches is guaranteed to inspire you during the workshop sessions and get you to relax during your free time. We hope you will join fundraising professionals from Africa, Europe and North America at the beautiful coastal beaches of Mombasa.

Your participation will be highly appreciated, For reservations download registration form here or contact us on #staysafe 27th EARMW Registration Form Year 2020