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29th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop

Welcome to the 29th Eastern Africa Resource Mobilisation Workshop Africa’s premier event for fundraising professionals. Organised by the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals, this year’s event will be held from Tuesday 28th November to Friday 1st December 2023 in Mombasa, Kenya.

The world is slowly rising from the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as some sense of normalcy from the past starts to get into place. Optimists predict a rise in the global economy amidst new opportunities popping up from different corners. Pundits are however cautious and warn that the storm is not over, and that the world should brace itself for future challenges not presently known. Despite these contrasting views, there are clear trends that every development practitioner, researcher, fundraiser, or government must consider.

At the global level, the US mid-term elections are in the offing and outcome will definitely affect the fundraising landscape especially from US. China is flexing its muscles as Europe struggles to regain its position in world affairs. Africa is rising with a vibrant youthful population working to make the world a better place. For Kenya, the elections have just been held and the coming in of a new government presents numerous opportunities as well as challenges. The international donor community will naturally take some time to adjust to the new political dispensation.

This workshop is a walk towards the future while being cognisant of the present. Sessions have been carefully selected to give you the right skills and tools you need to lead your organization to prosperity. Using an analogy of animals, the keynote address will challenge fundraisers to develop their skills to enable them to see what is present around us, and also be able to see what lies ahead several months ahead. Donor research is probably the most challenging task for a majority of fundraisers. This workshop will inject new ideas of how to go about this task and thus make fundraising more fun. This includes how to harness resources from small as well as major events, developing digital fundraising campaigns and transforming your appeals to attract funding.

This year, a special session is designed for government entities with a focus of how to fundraise for government entities. The role of the board in fundraising is often overlooked. This session challenges board members on the valuable role they can play in fundraising. Staff wellness is key to all fundraising. This year’s workshop presents a special session for managers to review their own leadership strategies, how they manage in-house dynamics and the secrets for forming winning teams. This is a unique workshop that you will never want to miss.

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