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Introducing the IFC POP UPS KENYA Season 2!

Recognising that not everyone has the resources to attend the International Fundraising Congress – one of the World’s Top Fundraising Events the Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals (KAFP) and the Resource Alliance (RA) have partnered to bring you the IFC Pop-ups Kenya. Designed to strengthen your fundraising skills and know-how, the pop-ups will broaden your fundraising horizons and targets. The IFC Pop Ups Kenya will enable you benefit from the Global IFC fundraising experts without having to travel to Europe or Asia! It will virtually bring their expertise at a fraction of the cost to your doorstep.

The IFC Pop-Ups Kenya are designed around video presentations, skype call question and answer sessions and plenary and group discussions. The video presentations range from 20-45 minutes during which the area of expertise is covered. It is followed by skype sessions where you can ask the presenter questions, depending on their availability. Lastly, groups and plenary discussions are used to consolidate learning and its applicability in the region.

The IFC Pop-ups Kenya was first held in Kenya last year to a great audience that included participants from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Given its resounding success, KAFP and the Resource Alliance have organized for IFC Pop Ups Kenya – Season 2. Like the previous edition, the IFC Pop-ups Kenya will capitalize on top speakers from the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in Europe and Asia.

We look forward to having you join us in this exciting journey. TBC.