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Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals as a forum gives fundraising professionals a voice commensurate to the important role they play in mobilizing and providing the resources required for national development by facilitating the sharing of ideas, experiences, new product innovations and best practice both locally and internationally. It also facilitates networking where Kenyan professionals have been generally isolated this is achieved by participating in our monthly and annual events facilitated by top notch hands on fundraising executives.

Membership to KAFP is recognized as a commitment to achieving and maintaining professional standards in the practice of fundraising. It is open to individuals and organizations.Individual members consist of fundraising practitioners and other interested individuals with interest who have fulfilled the association’s criteria for membership. Group Members Consist of institutions, companies and organizations that support the association’s objectives and activities.

KAFP members are Chief executives, Board Members, project managers, and fundraising professionals in civil society, private sector, government and individuals interested in resource mobilization are all free to join under the following categories.

Membership Fee: Individual Member Registration = Ksh 10,000
Group members Registration Fee: Groups of (2-5) per Member = Ksh 8,000
Group members Registration Fee: Groups of (6-10) per Member = Ksh 6,000

Membership Policy
Subscriptions are due for renewal twelve months after the registration date
The membership calendar year runs 12 months
Membership is on individual or group basis only
Membership renewal fee is 50% of entrance fee
Membership is not transferable

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