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Resource Mobilisation

Resource Mobilisation


Sustainability continues to pose a major challenge to development organizations. In spite of the important role that they play, many face collapse once their donors or foreign benefactors pull out. This is largely due to their inability to mobilize the resources required to support their activities.

The bulk of the funds earmarked for development in Kenya come from development partners and individuals. With the bulk of the governments resources going towards recurrent expenditure, non government resources are extremely important for development. However, with the fundraising environment becoming increasingly competitive, organizations are seeking new opportunities of broadening their fundraising strategies.

As traditional “donor based” fundraising sources become more difficult to tap, what can development organizations do to mobilize resources? Do they have a future in social enterprise, Diaspora fundraising, corporate partnerships or governments? Can more funds be tapped locally from individual members of the community? What are the lessons from the “for profit” private sector? These questions continue to present significant challenges to those charged with resource mobilization in the organization.

However few options, if any, are available in assisting them explore various alternatives and arming them with the skills and know-how required to compete in an increasing difficult resource mobilization market.

Kenya Association of Fundraising Professionals holds regional resource mobilization workshops that attract fundraising professionals from several countries globally. we have various events scheduled in the course of the year and are aimed at bringing fundraising professionals up to speed with global trends and best practice. For our fundraising menu visit our events calendar